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Chechersk Forestry Department

Chechersk Forestry established in 1936 on the basis of Chechersk Forestry Administration. Originally Chechersk Forestry was located in the eastern part of the Gomel region in Chechersk, Korma, Vetka and a small part of the Buda-Koshelev administrative districts.The length of Forestry has been, from north to south, 67 km from west to east - 62 km, relatively smooth topography forestry.

The total area of ​​68,376 hectares of forestry was divided into eight forest districts: Korma, Poliske, Zagorsk Nisimkovichskoe, Strumenskoe, Krasnoberezhskoe, Chechersk, Svetilovichskoe. The main types of work were: to protect the forest from unauthorized felling and fire, thinning and sanitary felling, preparation of forest for commercial timber harvesting, reforestation activities (Afforestation).

Today SSFI "Chechersk spetsleshoz" - an 8-forestry and logging an area located in the Chechersk and Korma district, Gomel region. Total area of ​​forest SSFI "Chechersk spetsleshoz" is 99 211 ha. The number of workers in early 2011 was 251 people.



The name of a division of forestry

Administrative-territorial districts Area, hectare
1. Litvinivichi forestry Korma district 11523
2. Korma forestry Korma district 19545
3. Polesie forestry Chechersk district 8504
4. Rudnja-Bartolomeevskaja forestry Chechersk district 9210
5. Beljaevka forestry Chechersk district 13614
Korma district 1855
6. Nisimkovichsky forestry Chechersk district 11552
7. Chechersky forestry Chechersk district 14548
Korma district 872
Buda-Kosheleva district 80
8. Babichsky forestry Chechersk district 7943